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testimonial pic I fell in love with Moksha Yoga back in 2011. From my very first Morning practice with Lyndsey in the West island I knew that this community is where I belonged. Being able to be part of such a wonderful community is truly a blessing everyday! Seeing Moksha yoga Laval blossom into this absolutely beautiful studio is so amazing; I love to see our family grow! I look forward to what the future has to offer. Audrey McMullen Moksha, Moksha Flow, and Yin yoga teacher at Moksha Yoga Laval.

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All Class Types

  • Moksha

    A challenging, healthy hot yoga sequence open to all levels of practitioners.

  • Moksha Flow/Yin

    Get the best of both worlds in this class that is half Moksha Flow, half Yin. Start with a fluid, dynamic FLOW sequence and finish in Yin deliciousness: long holds in passive postures to relax deep in your joints.

  • Moksha Flow

    A challenging, healthy, hot yoga FLOW sequence. Postures are linked with breath and downward-upward dog flow sequences.

  • Ashtanga

    Students are introduced to the breathing style and fundamentals of Ashtanga; a yoga practice developed by Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Ashtanga is typically a dynamic, heat building practice that focuses on strength, concentration and flexibility.

  • Powerflow

    A challenging and fun vinyasa (movement-based) yoga practice in which you can always move at your own pace. Expect fluid sequences, intermediate balance postures and the option to explore arm balances.

  • Bootcamp

    BootcampYoga is a fun and challenging practice that will get your heart beating! Be ready for plenty of planks, chatturanga pushups, squats and abdominal exercises.

  • Yin/YinTonic

    Long, deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles. In a YinTonic, a massage therapist is present to offer adjustments and massage during the practice.

  • Community Class

    A reduced-fee Moksha class led by a teacher-in-training. The practice is $10 drop-in and free for Introductory months and LAVAL VIPs.

  • Karma Class

    A reduced-fee Moksha/Modo class-minimum $5 donation-Friday nights at 8pm. All proceeds support not-for-profit organizations.

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