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A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

To book a Reiki session with Alyssa, please call (514) 813-3120

Click here to book a Reiki session with Tamara. Please note that she offers treatments on Thursdays only
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Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is an effective way to help heal the body while releasing the pain and tension that limits the mobility and happiness in our day to day life. The continuous collaboration between yoga practice and massage therapy ensures an excellent integration of care with a focus on preventative medicine. Both practices renew tissues and helps to restore our body/mind complex to balance.

To book a massage with Maude please call (514) 664-9642

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Our Therapists:

alyssa-therapist-pageAlyssa Marsillo


Alyssa Marsillo is a Naturotherapist and Wellness Coach who specializes in yoga, meditation, and energetic therapies. She is driven and passionate about bringing balance to the body by activating the inner pharmacy & bring about its natural healing properties. Since 2013, Alyssa has been studying profoundly to harness the knowledge to help others achieve their health and live in balance. Some of her studies include:

-Over 500 hours of yoga teacher training (hatha, prenatal, yin, and therapeutic more specifically)

-Master Reiki (chakra balance & general wellbeing)

-Wellness/Holistic Coaching


For more information or to book with Alyssa directly, you can reach her at 514-813-3120.



Maude Iralde








2732EB04-1DB7-4618-BCFB-4D712E6D4289Tamara Duliepre

Tamara is an Energy Healer and a Spiritual Counselor who specializes in energetic therapies. With over 5 years of practical experience under her belt, she works with many who are seeking to find healing and balance in their lives. As a certified Usui & Kemetic Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner, she combines a variety of modalities such as Yoni-Lingam root steams, Therapeutic Baths, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, and soon, Ayurveda for a comprehensive and Holistic Healing experience. She has given sessions to people suffering from stress, anxiety, PTSD, disembodiment, childhood and emotional traumas, abuse, physical diseases, and has witnessed the most amazing healing experiences and transformations. Her knowledge of Holistic Health has been broadened by her spending a few months alongside celebrity Holistic Health Naturopath Dr. Afrika and his wife Dr. Melanie Stevenson.